AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation works with healthcare providers that vary in size from small, independent pharmacies to multi-dimensional health systems. To ensure that we meet your unique needs, we offer multiple methods for placing orders and managing inventory―from fully-automated EDI-based systems to online catalogs and desktop ordering tools to wireless handheld scanners. Many of these options also offer multiple ways to create customized reports about your purchasing history.

  • Online Catalog and Order Entry
    AmerisourceBergen provides pharmacy staff with real-time access to current products, pricing information, and on-hand availability. Online access also provides a paperless and secure way to interface with the national Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS).

    Custom Reporting
    Our reports filter, sort, and export your rolling 24-month purchase history on demand. Your data is updated on a daily basis, so reports always have the most current information. Analyze your purchasing trends, market share agreements, savings opportunities, contract membership affiliation, and other pricing functions.

     Account Information 
    We provide you easy and secure access to AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation accounts payable information, including payment history, invoices, and statements.
  • Our Windows®-based desktop ordering system provides pharmacy staff with a complete product catalog, contract compliance data, and product stock status on demand. Once orders are placed, an immediate confirmation message includes alternatives for products not available due to manufacturer backorders, discontinued items, etc.


    Our desktop ordering system is the perfect solution for organizations where pharmaceutical purchases are being made at multiple locations. Remote sites can submit orders individually and ABDC will send the requests to a specified individual for review and approval before it is processed by our distribution center. Each implementation is network ready and supports multiple account numbers with unique pricing and contract information.


    In addition, it includes functions that help you improve operational efficiency and minimize costs within your pharmacy operations including physical inventory analysis, interdepartmental inventory management, reconciling items received versus those ordered, product labeling, inventory optimization, and custom reporting. They system also provides a paperless and secure way to interface with the national Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS).


    Compatible Accessories:   iScan Pocket PC 
    An innovative Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ -based, hand-held barcode scanning tool for order entry, physical inventory, and receiving away from your computer.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) streamlines transactions between two organizations that have an established trading partner relationship. This system is ideal for the pharmaceutical supply chain because it allows recurring orders to be processed automatically.

    AmerisourceBergen pioneered the EDI movement within the pharmaceutical industry by initiating an EDI relationship with Eli Lilly in 1971. Today, AmerisourceBergen uses the ANSI X.12 standard format to transfer over 3,000,000 standard EDI documents with over 2,000 trading partners every month. This combination of experience and expertise means that we have the ability to configure the necessary EDI connectivity that will meet your exact needs.
  • While AmerisourceBergen offers a range of electronic ordering options, we also recognize certain situations, such as urgent care, require a personal contact. Your pharmacy staff can always place orders by phone through Customer Service